Save Money at Walmart

Master a handful of tricks and save more at Walmart. Here's how:

Take Advantage of Overage Deals

Walmart. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Use a $3 coupon to buy a $1 item, and Walmart will apply the extra $2 to other items in your cart or give you $2 back in cash. Repeat the process with a bunch of coupons, and you now have a way to save money on all those things that you can't get coupons for:

Price Match

Forget about running around to a gazillion stores to get the best deals at each one – Walmart will price match local competitor's ads, and they'll even take their coupons, too:

Tip: Sign up for Savings Catcher, and Walmart will check your receipts to see if there's a lower published price in a competitor's ad. If they find one, they refund the difference on a gift card.

Snag Free Samples

Drop by the Walmart website regularly to see what free samples they have up for grabs, and fill your mail box with something besides bills:

Want even more freebies? Then, be sure to keep up with all of the scheduled in-store events, too. They're the perfect opportunity to taste new foods and to try new products. Sometimes they even schedule scavenger hunts, Lego builds and other fun events for the kids.

Use Printable Coupons

Before you head to the store, jump on Walmart's website to see if there are any printable coupons that you can use. Then, expand your search to other printable coupon sites (including competitor sites):

Shop Refurbished Electronics

Need a new computer, DVD player or TV? Shop Walmart's refurbished electronics to see if they have what you need. Just go to, enter "refurbished" and the item you're looking for in the search box, and it'll return all of the available results. This is an easy way to save 40% or more, and since the items come with their regular warranty, there really isn't any risk involved.

Buy Discounted Walmart Gift Cards sells discounted gift cards for hundreds of stores – including Walmart; but they tend to go quickly. Sign up to receive an e-mail alert whenever new Walmart cards are added to the site, and increase your chance of grabbing one.

Use Free Site to Store Shipping

Like to shop online, but hate to pay shipping? Just choose "Site to Store," and your order will ship to the nearest store for free.

Shop the Clearance Section from Home

Find out what's on clearance at your local store without leaving home. Walmart's new "My Local" feature allows you to select your store and browse its clearance selection in real-time. Be sure to check out Walmart's online clearance for even more deals.

Snag $4 Prescriptions

Walmart offers hundreds of prescription drugs for $4 a month. Scroll through the list to see if you're paying more than you need to be:

Tip: Get a three-month supply of any drug on the list, and you'll pay just $10.

Check the Value of the Day

Everyone's offering daily deals right now, including Walmart. Click on the Value of the Day link at the top of their site each day to find deals across 10 categories.

Sign Up for ShippingPass

Walmart has a new pilot program called ShippingPass that gets you unlimited three-day shipping on all your purchases. It's $50 a year, and there's currently a wait list to join. You can sign up here.