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SavingStar Offers a New Approach to Couponing

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SavingStar is a grocery eCoupon service that saves paperless coupons to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards. However, unlike most coupons, when SavingStar eCoupons are redeemed at the store, the amount does not immediately reduce your grocery total. Instead, the amount of the redeemed coupons are accumulated in your SavingStar account and when it reaches $20.00, you can opt to be paid through your bank or PayPal, or you can donate the money to charity.

Registering at SavingStar

To register at SavingStar, click on the "Join Now" link on the homepage. All you need to create an account is an email address and password.

Tip: The email address that you provide will be your Login. Remember to protect your personal email account by using a separate email account set up for couponing correspondence.

Registering Grocery and Drugstore Cards

The next step is the registration of your loyalty card numbers for all of the supermarket and drugstores that you belong to and that are part of the SavingStar network. The account numbers can be found on the back of most cards under the bar code. To activate a coupon, you must have at least one loyalty card added to your account.

Finding Participating Stores

There are many stores in the SavingStar network, including CVS and Kroger. You can search for all of the stores near you by entering your ZIP code on the loyalty card registration page.

Participating Stores Without Loyalty Programs

There are participating stores that do not have loyalty programs but are still part of the SavingStar network. You can find out how to use the SavingStar eCoupons with each store by visiting this webpage.

Selecting eCoupons

To see the eCoupons that are available, select the "Go To eCoupons" section located on the left menu.

You can view the eCoupons by category and sort them by Suggested, Value, Expiration Date or Alphabetical. When you see an eCoupon that you want to activate, click the coupon. The activated eCoupons will then be automatically loaded onto all of your registered loyalty cards.

Using SavingStar eCoupons

Your next step is to go shopping. Select the qualifying products that match your SavingStar eCoupons and head to the checkout counter. Swipe your loyalty card and make your purchase. Any of the applicable eCoupons will automatically register as being used in your SavingStar account.

As mentioned before, SavingStar eCoupons will not be deducted from your purchase or show on the register receipt. However, the total dollar amount of the eCoupons that you used will show up in your SavingStar account in two to 30 days. When it reaches $20.00, you can receive your payment.

Stacking Coupons With SavingStar eCoupons

SavingStar eCoupons will work whether or not you combine them with other coupons, but they are not intended to be used this way.

Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer's coupon for the same purchase. Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem.

The "One or Many" Promotion

The "One or Many" promotion on SavingStar enables brands to give shoppers a high-value reward for multiple purchases of their products over one or many shopping trips and at one or many stores within the SavingStar network.

For example, SavingStar shoppers received $5 back when they spent $20 on any Kellogg's Special K products within a designated time period. This could be done in one or many shopping trips and all applicable purchases were tracked by SavingStar.

The Bottom Line

The SavingStar eCoupon program is a good way for couponers to watch their coupon savings grow. This could be particularly appealing to people who want to save money on groceries but do not want to mess with cutting and sorting coupons.

The SavingStar website is simple to get around. Registration took less than a minute and the loyalty cards were very easy to enter. In less than three minutes, I was browsing and saving coupons to all of my loyalty cards.

I recommend SavingStar to anyone who likes to save at the grocery store.

Tip: My favorite feature is the "One or Many" promotions because you can use the payout to buy items that are not normally discounted.