Shopkick Offers Additional ‘Kicks’ With New Feature

What You Need to Know About Shopkick App

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Anyone who visits big box stores such as Target, Old Navy, and Best Buy knows that gift cards and discounts for these shops are always welcome. That’s why the Shopkick app is so useful. You open the app before you walk into a participating store and you can collect points (called “kicks”) just for entering, as well as additional kicks for scanning products and paying with your linked credit card. But Shopkick recently added additional features to the app that will grant you more kicks for purchasing items within the app. The latest update to the app also has a few other additions that you’ll have to know before you can collect kicks.

’Unlock’ Extra Kicks By Checking Lookbooks

One feature of the app that is fairly new is the “lookbooks” option, which lets you browse through each store’s latest line of products. Although you might not have delved into this if you’re someone who primarily uses Shopkick for in-store scans and kicks, you probably did notice that some of your potential opportunities to earn kicks are now “locked.”

For example, American Eagle Outfitters has additional 50 kicks available for walk-ins, but I haven’t yet unlocked that. This is because, for some retailers, the app allows you to earn toward those walk-in points (which are rewarded in addition to the walk-in points the app already offered in the past).

To earn these, you'll look through the company's lookbook (its in-app catalog) to earn your way toward those walk-in points. For most retailers, this simply involves scrolling through the available products, and once you’ve scrolled enough to meet the app’s requirements, a pop-up will show on your screen that you’ve unlocked the extra walk-in kicks. That unlocked feature will be available for you for the next seven to ten days after earning it, so be sure and scroll through the lookbooks within a few days of your planned shopping excursion.

Scanning Lookbooks

While scanning the lookbooks, if you see an item you like, you can tap the pink heart icon below the product, and it will go into your file of “likes.” Then when you walk into the store in question, the app will prompt you and remind you that it carries some items you’ve shown interest in buying.

Another advantage to the lookbooks is that you’ll often scroll upon a discount code. I was looking through American Eagle's company’s fall collection using Shopkick and came across this exclusive discount for 15% off an in-store purchase. Likewise, Macy’s offered an extra 20% off for Shopkick users with a coupon I saw in the company’s Shopkick lookbook. Plus, you may come across a screen in the lookbook that says “Tap here for a surprise.” When I did this in the Best Buy and Kohl’s lookbooks, the app rewarded me with one kick point deposited into my account for each store. Keep a close eye out for these types of deals.

Earn Kicks for in-App Purchases

What’s been getting the most buzz about Shopkick’s latest update is the ability to buy products directly through the app. The company has advertised this as noting that it basically now offers a virtual mall of sorts, allowing you to browse products from multiple stores and buy them using your phone. This is definitely an innovation in a free app that offers rewards, but what you probably want to know is how this can help you save and/or earn kicks.

While scrolling the lookbooks, you will come across certain items that have the pink “like” button below them, as well as a blue button that says “Buy. Get Kicks.” For example, this week, Target has eight music albums for sale that offer bonus kicks for purchasing them through the app, as well as several small kitchen appliances that offer extra kicks for in-app purchases. Your profile will then show you the total kicks you've accumulated. Items that are available for in-app purchase but don’t have extra kicks associated with them will just have a blue “Buy Now” button next to the “like” icon.