Smartphone Apps All Models Should Download

Get to Modeling Jobs on Time, Look Professional and Stay Organized

Model Karlie Kloss Checks Her Phone During Prabal Gurung Show Rehearsal
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You likely already have several apps on your phone that do all sorts of things. Did you know, however, there are several apps that are total game changers that will come in handy for models in all sorts of situations? From staying healthy to getting to jobs on time, here are four smartphone apps all professional models should download.

Maps App

If you’re responsible for getting yourself to a modeling job, it’s essential you are on time because timeliness is a great indicator of professionalism. Being late to a job because you had difficulty finding it is not an acceptable excuse. For this reason, you should have a reliable app on your phone that will direct you to exactly where you need to be. You can also get map apps that update you with live traffic reports and road construction information so you can account for any extra time you may need to get there. If possible, scout out a shoot location the day before a job, so you already know exactly how to get there. This will help ease any anxiety about getting there on time and ensure you show up on time and do not jeopardize any future opportunities.

Organizer App

Some people choose to record all of their obligations in a paper day planner, but more and more people are switching to recording their schedules electronically. The benefit of doing this is you’re less likely to lose access to your calendar. Even if you lose your phone, your schedule can be synced to your other devices, so you’re not left wondering where you’re supposed to be and when. For models with busy schedules and many places to be, keeping yourself organized with an electronic schedule can be the difference between a successful modeling career and missing out on great jobs.

Measurement App

It’s important for models to keep accurate records of their measurements because you will need to supply them when you are applying for jobs, and agents view so many models a day that they cannot go out of their way to chase a model down for their measurements. 

There are apps that help you quickly convert units of measurements as well as help you store and quickly update your measurements when you need them. Being able to convert your measurements from Imperial (for US-based model agencies and clients) to Metric (for European agencies and clients) quickly is very useful when working in the fast-paced modeling industry. Using one of these apps will save you a lot of time and energy next time you need to provide your measurements for your next modeling job. 

Nutrition and Fitness App

Busy models are always on the go and have to keep up with a fast-paced schedule and be on their feet for long periods of time. If a model isn’t in good physical health, it can slow them down on the job and make a lot of things more difficult for them. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to stay fit thanks to having workout and nutrition guides in the palm of your hand with the help of workout apps. You can find fitness apps of all varieties and for any fitness level. There are also workouts specifically made for busy people so you won’t have to spend hours a day getting in shape, and you can fit in your workouts wherever possible. If you’re a model who travels a lot for work, you can even find workouts specifically tailored to being done in small spaces like hotel rooms.