Get Cash Back On Groceries with Snap by Groupon

Shop Any Local Store and Get Cash Back

••• Snap by Groupon

The daily deals online company Groupon offers an app called Snap that gives users a way to earn cash back on featured grocery items. The app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Users simply need to download the app, buy featured grocery products, snap a photo of their receipt and the cash goes into their account. When the account reaches $20, users can request to be paid. The money-saving app can be used at any store. Groupon just needs proof that one or more promoted products were purchased.

Redeeming Each Offer More Than Once

Groupon has set up Snap promotions with as few restrictions as possible, which means sometimes users can earn cash back when they buy multiple units of the same promoted product. However, this is not the case for all products. Each offer’s redemption limit is clearly noted on its details page, but no offer can be redeemed for more than 50 units on a single receipt.

Receipt Approval and Payment

To qualify for the cash-back offers, pictures of the receipt has to be uploaded within two days of purchase. When uploading long receipts, it is best ​to take multiple photos of the receipt to ensure capture of all data - top to bottom. If an error is made when taking a picture of the receipt, such as it being off-centered or blurred, simply hit 'redo' and snap a photo of the receipt again.

Receipts then go through an approval process before the cash is added to a user's account. Although Groupon strives to approve all receipts within 48 hours, they are currently taking longer due to the number of receipts being uploaded.

Once the receipt is approved the amount is added to the user's account and when it totals $20, users can request payment by going to 'My Account' page and select 'Cash Out'. Typically, payments are distributed within two weeks of a request but may take up to 60 days.

Availability and Cost

Currently, Snap can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – just download the app for iOS or Android, or visit It is available in the United States and Canada.

The cost is free, however, if a user does not redeem any offers for 12 consecutive months, Snap may begin charging a monthly Account Maintenance Fee, which will decrease the cash balance over time. The lowest a user's cash balance can go is $0.00.

Most Snap cash-back promotions are good in local retail stores and not for online purchases at this time, however occasionally an offer can be used with online retailers, but Groupon will always specify that on the offer's details page.

The Pros of Using Snap Groupon

The app is redeemable at any store. There is a decent selection of promoted items.

The Cons of Using Snap Groupon

The cash back values are fairly small ranging from 25 cents to $3, which means it will take a lot of purchases before you earn the $20. Also, the requirement to take a picture of each receipt requires as much time and hassle as it would to just cut a coupon.

Customer Service Contact

Information If you have a question about how to use Snap or a payment question, contact Groupon at or 1-877-741-5790. You can also check out the FAQ page here.