Steps to Earning Infinite CheckPoints Rewards

Have you ever been accused of “playing on your phone” too much? That may have had a negative connotation to it in the past, but it won’t anymore, once you start earning money with your phone using the CheckPoints app. Thanks to a simple interface, the free CheckPoints app can allow you to essentially create your own cash-back program anywhere by using your phone as your “reward card.”

This app is similar to Shopkick, but with a few differences, the main one being that Shopkick is more centered on the in-store experience (rewarding you as you walk in) whereas you can earn CheckPoints from any location. Most mobile couponers will want both apps on their phones because they are both valuable and allow you to earn points that you can cash in for gifts as small as a $1.00 Amazon gift card and as huge as a Hermes Birkin handbag.

Check out the following steps that will help you reap CheckPoints rewards quickly and simply using the app, which is available for Apple and Android.

Scan Associated Products.

Person using a cell phone
  Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images 

The centerpiece of the CheckPoints app is that you can collect points for scanning specific products in stores. You’ll click “In-Store” at the bottom of the app to find out which products you can scan for points.

Because the CheckPoints app has partnerships with the product manufacturers and not the retailers, the app works anywhere you have cellular service rather than confirming which store you’ve entered, says Dave Heinzinger, director of communications at inMarket, which owns CheckPoints. “For instance,” he says, “We’ve partnered with Zatarain’s so you can get points wherever they sell it.”

To test this, we went to a grocery store but opened the app to see products available only at a local drug store (and not at the grocery). The Irish Spring Soap was one of them, so we scanned it while in ​the grocery store and the points registered without a problem, as shown in the photo.

You can also earn points by checking into certain stores. For instance, CheckPoints recently ran a program with Burlington Coat Factory that allowed users to earn points just by checking in.​

Earn From Home.

While scanning products will net you great rewards, you can also earn even if you aren’t heading to a store. At the bottom of the app, tap “Anywhere” to find alternative ways to earn points. For example, you can tap “Watch Videos” and earn a point for every video you watch on the app (most are about 30 seconds long), or you can earn points for your iTunes downloads, among other methods.

You can also earn points by downloading the CheckPoints toolbar on your web browser, which gives you points for shopping online, and by referring friends, which will net you 150 points each.

Use Coins to Earn More Rewards.

“The fastest way to earn points is to hit the jackpot on the ‘Instant Win’ tab of the app,” Heinzinger says. The two associated games (one is like a slot machine, and the other is similar to a scratch-off card) allow you to try and win up to 150,000 points at a time, which would be enough to cash in for an iPad. In our test of the app, we won 50 points several different times over the course of a few weeks.

To play the games, you need coins within the app, which is different from the rewards points. You cash in the reward points for items like gift cards, but you use the coins to play the instant win games. You get coins every time you scan an item, but you can also earn them in the “Anywhere” tab of the app by doing things like downloading other apps or buying specific products. You'll know you have coins available for playing instant win games if there is a red number next to the "Instant Win" tab at the bottom of your screen, as shown at left.

Check Facebook Often.

If you “like” the app on Facebook, you’ll collect a coin -- but you’ll also be aware of other coin giveaways, which the company often offers through Facebook. If you see a CheckPoints status update in your news feed, check it out because it could be a good way to earn extra coins.

Redeem Rewards.

Once you hit the reward threshold for the prize you’re interested in getting, you'll go to the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the screen to claim it. The smallest reward (a $1.00 Amazon gift card) is currently 335 points, which can be earned in just a few days. We cashed in points to redeem a reward and found that the gift card code arrived via email in less than 48 hours.