Summer Freebies

Free Stuff for Summer

Summers can be really busy sometimes but they can also be just downright boring. Below you'll find some summer freebies that will keep the kids happy and occupied both in and out of the house this summer.

So before the kids drive you crazy with that dreaded "I'm bored!" pull out this list of summer freebies.

Free Summer Movies for Kids

A photo of a girl and boy at a movie theater.
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Did you know that there are hundreds of movie theaters across the country that show free kid's movies over the summer? There are even more that show really discounted ones!

Free Summer Bowling for Kids

A photo of a young boy holding a bowling ball.
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There are several programs going on in the summer that let kids bowl for free.

This is really a great way to get the kids out of the heat this summer but keep them active and having fun.

Free Summer Skating for Kids

A pair of roller skates.
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Through the Kids Skate Free program, kids can skate for free each week this summer at their local roller rink.

What a great way to keep the kids active and having fun this summer.

Free Stuff From Summer Reading Programs

A girl laying on the floor surrounded by books.
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You know that summer reading programs are a great way to keep children learning and busy during the summer with books.

What you may not know is all the freebies you can get from those summer reading programs. You'll love the money you'll save and the kids will love the extra incentives to read.

Printable Summer Coloring Pages

A coloring page of an umbrella on the beach.

Sometimes in the summer it gets so hot that the kids will need an indoor activity.

Printable summer coloring pages are completely free and you can print off as few or as many ask you'd like.

Free Summer Word Search Puzzles

A woman and her two daughters on the beach.
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Summer word search puzzles range from every skill level and are all summer themed. Most of them are printable but a few of the word search puzzles may also be completed online.

Free Summer Computer Wallpaper

Summer Freebies
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Bring the outside into your work area with free summer computer wallpapers.

Images of beaches, sunsets, and fields of flowers will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

Free Summer Clip Art

A person camping in a tent.
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All the summer clip art you'd want can be downloaded for free.

The kids and you will have a great time making some summertime projects with all the fun images.