Is Sweepstakes Advantage Worth Your Time?

A Sweepstakes Directory with Free and Paid Memberships

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Sweepstakes Advantage, also known as SA, is a long-established contest directory which offers a lively forum and a healthy number of sweepstakes. To get access to the entry links for the sweepstakes listed at SA, you'll need to sign up for at least a free membership. You can unlock premium sweepstakes and additional features with a paid membership.

About Sweepstakes Advantage

Sweepstakes Advantage was founded in 1997 by people who love to enter sweepstakes themselves, and it's updated every day with a variety of new giveaways to enter. While most of the giveaways are open to residents of the United States, there are also sections for Canadians, residents of the United Kingdom, and more.

Newly-added sweepstakes are broken down into categories so that you can scroll through the listings and skip any types of sweepstakes that don't interest you.

Sweepstakes Advantage offers a tracking system that you can use to mark which giveaways you've entered. You can sign up for the SA newsletter, which contains new sweepstakes and interesting giveaway-related information.

Members gain access to an active forum with sections that include encouraging posts from winners, a place to ask for help for sweepstakes-related questions, a section to share sweepstakes codes, and more.

While SA lists many sweepstakes from other companies, they also run their own giveaways that members and non-members can enter. You can get entries into SA-sponsored giveaways by performing actions like sharing the sweepstakes on social media, entering sponsored giveaways from other companies, and more.

Features of a free basic Sweepstakes Advantage membership include:

  • A friendly community forum.
  • Sweepstakes organized by entry type.
  • The ability to leave private notes and reminders on the sweepstakes listings.
  • A newsletter.
  • A directory of sweepstakes tools to help you enter more efficiently.
  • Tools for business owners to create their own giveaways,

and more.

Should You Pay for a Premium Membership at Sweepstakes Advantage?

Sweepstakes Advantage offers a premium service called Sweepstakes Plus, which costs $40 a year, $25 for six months, $15 for three months, or $5 for a single month (as of July of 2019).

With the Sweepstakes Plus service, you gain access to premium sweepstakes listings, but be aware that many of these sweepstakes are available for free elsewhere. You can find some other free and paid alternatives here: 15 Trustworthy Sites to Find and Enter Online Sweepstakes

The extra contests and sweepstakes are not the only benefits you'll receive with a premium membership. Sweepstakes Plus also offers features to make tracking your entries even easier including custom sweepstakes categories, a members-only forum, entry codes, and other helpful functions which can make the low per-year price worth paying.

After all, the annual charge can be easily recouped with a single win, so if you feel that the extra features give you an edge, it's a price worth paying.

See this comparison chart for a full list of features for both basic and Sweepstakes Plus members.

How Are Giveaways Listed on Sweepstakes Advantage?

The Sweepstakes Advantage team adds contests and sweepstakes to the directory. Members can also add giveaways to the listings.

Paid memberships are not the only source of income for SA. Sweepstakes sponsors can pay on a per-click basis to drive traffic to their giveaways, so you'll see some sweepstakes that are promoted more heavily because the sponsor has paid for advertising.

SA posts a lot of giveaways every day, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage, of course, is that there are lots of chances to win, but the disadvantage is that there are a lot of unattractive prizes to weed through.

Since each person has only a limited amount of time to enter sweepstakes each day, too many giveaways to review each day can take your focus away from entering and winning the prizes you want the most.


Sweepstakes Advantage has provided a solid and reliable sweepstakes listing service for many years, and it has an active community with long-time members who can support you and share their experience.

If you find the premium service helpful, the annual membership fee is pretty low. But if you don't want to spend the cash, you can find most of the information for free with a little effort.