Sylvan Learning's Book Adventure Gives Kids Free Stuff for Reading

Earn Prizes All Year Long from Book Adventure

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Sylvan Learning's Book Adventure program is more than just a summer reading program because it goes on all year long. It's a great way to motivate kids in grades K-8 to read by earning prizes.

When a child participates in Book Adventure, they get to take quizzes over books they've read and then exchange their quiz points for prizes.

Visit Sylvan Learning's Book Adventure and register your child to get them started. You can register as a home student, school student, educator, or parent/caregiver. A student's account needs to be connected to either a parent or teacher account.

Finding a Qualifying Book to Read

Now that they're registered, kids can use the Book Finder to find a book they'd like to read. There are over 8,000 books in the book finder and you can sort by grade level, the level of difficulty, fiction or non-fiction, and subjects. They can also search for a book they already want to read by title, author last name, or ISBN.

Head on out to the library or the bookstore and pick up the title that they want to read.

Taking Quizzes to Get Freebies From Book Adventure

After your child has read the book, they can now start taking quizzes which are how they earn prizes. Visit the Quiz-O-Matic and enter the title, author last name, or book ISBN to see if there's a quiz for the book your child has read.

Take the available quiz to earn the points. There will be 5 questions for kids in grades Kindergarten through second grade and 10 questions for kids grade 3 and up. The quizzes can be retaken once if needed.

After they've gotten all the questions right on the quiz they'll be awarded points. These points can be traded in for prizes in the prize library.

Tip: Your child will need to be logged into their kid's account to be able to take quizzes and earn points, so make sure you aren't logged in as a parent or teacher.

Types of Freebies Available From Book Adventure

Book Adventures has a wide variety of prizes available for kids. In the past, these have included temporary tattoos, candy, magazines, books, and CDs.

Kids can browse the Prize Library to find a prize they'd like to get and then click the button to request it. A teacher or parent will need to approve that prize before Sylvan Learning will send it out.

More Fun for Kids at Book Adventure

In addition to the book finder and quizzes, there are online games, printable games, printable awards, and resources in the Kids Zone.

Tools for Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents can have accounts at Sylvan Learning's Book Adventure. Here you can monitor the child's progress, track quiz results, approve prize selections, and help them find books to read. 

Other Reading Programs With Rewards

There are other reading programs that award kids with prizes and rewards. The Chuck E. Cheese reading reward program goes on all year like this one, and while other reading programs like Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, TD Summer Bank, and Pottery Barn Kids happen during the summer.