Get Text Codes for Mobile Coupons

A List of Discounts for Retailers and Restaurants Like Macy's and Applebee's

One of the easiest ways to save money via your mobile phone is to join the “texting clubs” of popular retailers, restaurants, and other services.

We've compiled several of the most popular text club codes that we've previously profiled and added quite a few as well, to make a comprehensive list of 100 codes. Using the codes below, text the retailers that you visit most often, and they will send you mobile coupons when they have them available.

Of course, standard text messaging rates apply to these programs, so if you don’t have unlimited texting on your phone plan, use discretion when signing up for these deals to ensure that you save more than you spend by sending and receiving texts. If you find that the companies are sending you too many texts or you no longer visit their shop, you can get out of the program, typically by texting the word STOP as a reply to their most recent communication to you.

The following list isn’t an exhaustive profile of every retailer offering text codes, but it represents many of our favorites. If you'd like to add any, or if you find a problem with one of our codes, please email us at


To join the club for this well-known convenience store chain, text the word DEALS to 711711.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Text the word GIFTED to 231892 to join the program.


To join the "Aerotext" program, text the word "JOIN" to 237687.

American Eagle Outfitters

Text the word JOIN to 32453 and you'll receive coupons via text message.

AMF Bowling Centers

Visit AMF's eclub site and scroll to the bottom, where you can enter your mobile phone number to get discounts and coupons.


Visit the Applefans site and click “Fan Club Text Messaging” to enter your information and register for the club.


Text the word ARBYS to 27297.

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Text PERKS678 to 21333 or visit the company's website.

Barro's Pizza

Get involved with the eClub of this 32-restaurant chain by registering here.

Babies R Us

Text BABIES9 to 30364 or visit the company's website.

Baskin Robbins

Text the word OFFER to 31310 to start your membership with Baskin Robbins' text club.

Bath & Body Works

Text the word BBW to 588229 or sign up on the company's website.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Text OFFER to 239663 or visit the company's website to register.


Text the word JOIN to 23551 to join Belk's texting club.

Best Buy

Text the word DEALS to 332211 or visit Best Buy's site for the details.

Boston's Gourmet Pizza

Text the word BOSTONS to 30364 and you'll be registered for the text club of this pizza chain.

Brookshire's Food and Pharmacy

Text the word GROCERY to 43101 to start receiving money-saving texts.

Burger King

To join the Burger King text program, text the word BK7 to 40814.

Byerly's and Lunds

You can benefit from text coupons for this grocery chain if you text the word FRESH to 55155.


Register with Caribou's website and where it says “How would you like to receive our messages?” click “Text” and then enter your phone number below it.


To create a profile for the Amici club of this national chain of Italian restaurants, you'll visit the site and enter your mobile phone number on the left.

Carl's Jr.

Visit the company's website and click "Please send me mobile offers when available."

The Cheesecake Factory

Visit the Cheesecake Factory site and enter your cell phone number where indicated as part of your registration.


Text the word SIGNUP to 888222 to start saving.

Cold Stone Creamery

To ensure you get money-saving texts from this ice cream chain, visit the Cold Stone Site, enter your mobile number, and click the box that says “click here to opt-in to receive mobile alerts and offers.”


Visit the Culver's site and scroll down to where it says "Text Club" so you can enter your phone number.

Damon's Grill

To start getting money-saving offers from Damon's Grill, visit the company's website and enter your contact information.

Dollar General

To join Dollar General’s club, just text the word SAVE to 34898.

Dollar Tree

Text the word TREE to 28469.

Dress Barn

Visit Dress Barn's website and click “Send me mobile fashion alerts" as part of your registration.

Dunham's Sports

To start saving on your sporting goods, visit The Dunham's Sports website and enter your contact information.

Domino's Pizza

Text the word DOMINOS to 366466 or visit the company's website for more information.

Dunkin' Donuts

Text the word PERKS to 386546 or visit the Dunkin Donuts website to register.

Earthfare Healthy Supermarket

Text the word EAT to 71700 to join Earthfare's program.

Famous Footwear

Text the word PROMO to 326687 or visit the Famous Footwear website for more information.

Grand Home Furnishings

To join the text club of this furniture chain, text the word GRAND to 30622.

Gilly Hicks

Text the word GHGIRL to 444475 and you'll be registered in the Gilly Hicks text club.

Great Clips

To get hair styling discounts sent directly to your phone, visit the Great Clips website and enter your information to join the "Great Stuff" program.


Text the word GYMBOREE to 38109 or visit Gymboree's site for information.

Hibbett Sports

To get discounts from this sporting goods chain, visit the Hibbett Sports website and sign up for the MVP program.

Hollister Co.

To get coupons from this fashion chain, text the word PIER to 743722.


To get discounts from Hooters, text the word MCLUB to 36832.

Hot Topic

Sign up on the Hot Topic website and be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page that says “Yes, I want to receive text messages about special events and offers" so you can start saving with the program.


Visit the Hy-Vee website to register for the company's mobile alert program.


Text the word JOIN to 62345 or visit IKEA's text club.

Jack Astor's

To join Jack Astor’s "VVV.I.P. program," visit the company's website and be sure to enter your cell phone in the space that says "Mobile phone for SMS offers."

Johnny Rockets

To start getting deals and discounts for this restaurant chain, visit the Johnny Rockets website and register for the Rocket eClub.

Jack in the Box

Text the word JACK to 31278 or visit the company's website to register.

Jack's Family Restaurants

To join Jack's Red Dot Deals discount program, visit the company's website to register.

JC Penney

Text the word JOIN to 527365 or visit JC Penney's website for more information.


Sign up on the Journeys website and check “SMS” on your left to join the text alert club.

JoAnn Fabrics

Text the word BEADS to 56266 or visit the JoAnn Fabrics website to register.


Text the word SAVE to 572837 or visit the Kirkland's website for details.


Text the word KMART to 414141 or visit Kmart's website for details.

Lord & Taylor

Text the word SALE to 95555 or visit the Lord and Taylor website for the specifics.


Text the word SAVE02 to 56457 to join the text club.

Long John Silver's

You can start getting discounts at this national chain by visiting the Long John Silver's website and registering for the coupon club.

Macaroni Grill

To get text deals from this restaurant chain, visit the Macaroni Grill website and enter your email at the bottom of the page where it says “The Dish Newsletter.” Then you’ll be prompted to enter your information including your mobile phone number.

Martin's Supermarkets

Text the word MARTINS to 69227 and you'll be registered for the program.


Go to the Meijer "In Touch" page to register for the text message alert program.

Men's Wearhouse

Text the word ALERTS to 41680 and Men's Wearhouse will add your number to the text alert program.


Text the word CPN to 62297 for Macy's text deals.


Text the word APP1 to 273283 or visit the Michaels website for the scoop.


Visit the Moe's website to create a text profile.

New York & Company

This fashionable chain will send you special deals and offers if you text the word “WEB” to NYSTYL (697895).

Nine West

Text NINEWEST to 25179 or visit the Nine West website for details.

Office Depot

Text the word OFFER to 33768 or visit Office Depot's website for more information.

Oil Can Henry's

To join the text club for this automotive chain, text the word SAVE to 27299, and you’ll instantly be entered into the club.

Olan Mills

To start getting discounts for this photography studio, just text the word OLAN to 88769.

Old Country Buffet

To join the text club of this national restaurant chain, visit the Old Country Buffet website, enter your mobile phone number, and be sure to click the box that says, "I would like to receive mobile offers."

Office Max

Text the word OFFICEMAX to 62999 or visit Office Max's site to register.

Old Navy

Text the word ALERTS to 653689 or visit Old Navy's website to sign up for the program.

Papa John's

Sign up for the company's mobile deals at the Papa John's website.

Papa Murphy's

You can sign up for text coupons that will give you discounts at this pizza chain by visiting the Papa Murphy's website. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page (under the email club form) to fill in the mobile couponing information.

Payless Shoes

Text the word SHOES to 747474 or visit the company's site to register.

Picture People

To join the text coupon program, visit the Picture People website and scroll to the bottom of this page, where it says “Text This Coupon to Your Mobile Phone.”

Pizza Hut

Visit Pizza Hut's website and click on "Sign Up Now" under "Hut Lovers."


Text the letter Q to 50500 or visit Qdoba's website for the scoop.


To start receiving mobile coupons from this national sandwich chain, visit the Quiznos website. After you enter your email and click "continue," you'll be brought to the next page, where you should click “I’d like to receive exclusive Quizno’s deals via text to my mobile phone."

Ryan's Steakhouse

To begin your membership in the text club of this buffet-style restaurant chain, visit the Ryan's website, fill in your location, and enter your mobile phone number.


Text the word SIGNUP to 727272 or visit Redbox's website to register for the Text Club.

Regal Cinemas

Visit the company's Facebook page for information on their mobile deals.


Text the word SCHNUCKS to 223344 to sign up for the "Schnupons" club.


Text the word SEARS1 to register.

Shoe Station

Text the word SHOE to 75309 or visit for more information.


Text the word SALE to 38228 to add your number to the Stage program.

Steak 'n Shake

Register for the program by visiting the Steak 'n Shake site and entering your phone number under the "Text Messages" listing.


Text the word SUB to 782929 or visit Subway's website, then click "Get news and offers."


Text the word STYLE to 667788 to get texted offers.

Tanger Outlets

Text the word TANGER to 74700 or sign up online.


Text the word COUPONS to 827438 to join Target's mobile coupons program.

Things Remembered

Text the word JOIN to TRGIFT and you'll be registered for the Things Remembered mobile text club.

Tommy Hilfiger

You'll text the word TOMMY to 289784 to join the text club of this well-known retailer that sells fashions for both males and females.

Toys R Us

Text the word DEALS to 78697 for the Toys R Us coupon texting program.

Victoria's Secret

Text the word START to 26435 or visit the Victoria's Secret website.


Text the word JOINWAL to 21525 for Walgreens text deals.

White Castle

To join White Castle's text program, visit the White Castle website. On the right, under "Get Updates," you'll see a form asking for your name, email, zip code, and mobile number. Then be sure to check the second box below the form, which says, "I give White Castle permission to send me mobile alerts on original offers, new product announcements, and other information."


To join Wingstop's text club, visit the company's website and add your mobile phone number where indicated.


To join Zaxby's text club, visit the company's website and click on "Zax Text Club."