The 10 Best Restaurant Text Clubs

Dine out and save with these great programs.

Arby's Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Its New Manhattan Restaurant
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Dining out at restaurants can be a luxury sometimes, but other times it can be a necessary evil, such as those nights when you don't have much time between soccer games and need to just drive through so you can get some food. If you want to save money on your next dining experience, consider joining these text clubs to get great money-saving coupons delivered directly to your mobile device.

Remember that, as with all text (also known as "SMS") programs, text message fees will apply to the money-saving messages you receive, so don't join the clubs unless you have ample text messaging allowed on your phone plan.

1. Qdoba. This is the restaurant chain that most consistently sends me lucrative texts, such as the $5.99 meal deal I received last week. To join the club of this Mexican eatery, text the letter Q to 50500 or visit Qdoba's website for the scoop.

2. Jack in the Box.I've saved a significant amount of cash through the Jack in the Box text club, thanks to the SMS messages that the company delivers to my inbox on a regular basis. To join, text the word JACK to 31278 or visit the company's website to register.

3. Subway.If you enjoy the occasional sandwich, you'll love the Subway text program, which sends you coupons directly to your phone. Text the word SUB to 782929 or visit Subway's website then click "Get news and offers."

4. Zaxby's.Interested in a fried chicken meal -- at a discount? Then join Zaxby's text club, which will provide you with money-saving texts. To join, just visit the company's website and click on "Zax Text Club."

5. Arby's.You'll be noshing on your roast beef sandwich for less than the regular cost, thanks to the text coupons that Arby's regularly sends to your phone. To join, just text the word ARBYS to 27297.

6. Carrabba's. There's nothing better than a big Italian dinner to satisfy your hunger -- unless you can save money on it, which makes it even more satisfying. To create a profile for the club of this national chain of Italian restaurants, you'll visit the site and enter your mobile phone number on the left.

7. Cold Stone CreameryEnjoy an ice cream cone but don't freeze your wallet while you do it. To ensure you get money-saving texts from this ice cream chain, visit the Cold Stone Site, enter your mobile number, and click the box that says “click here to opt-in to receive mobile alerts and offers.”

8. Old Country Buffet. To join the text club of this national restaurant chain, visit the Old Country Buffet website, enter your mobile phone number, and be sure to click the box that says, "I would like to receive mobile offers."

9. Quiznos. To start receiving mobile coupons from this national sandwich chain, visit the Quiznos website. After you enter your email and click "continue," you'll be brought to the next page, where you should click “I’d like to receive exclusive Quizno’s deals via text to my mobile phone."

10. Ryan's SteakhouseTo begin your membership in the text club of this buffet-style restaurant chain, visit the Ryan's website, fill in your location, and enter your mobile phone number.