The Easiest Herbs to Grow from Seed

••• Chives. Photo ¬© Erin Huffstetler

Grow herbs from seed (instead of buying plants), and you'll save a ton. Here are some of the easiest herbs to start from seed. These can all be direct-sown outdoors, so there's no need to fuss with seed trays and grow lights.To learn more about any of the herbs, just click on their name.

Lemon Balm

Beware of Invasive Herbs

Most herbs are good spreaders, and can quickly take over a garden.

That's great if you want them to do that, not so great, if you don't. Always do a bit of research before you plant anything, so you don't run into unexpected problems down the road.

Herbs with an invasive tendency (mint, for example) can be planted in pots to prevent their spread. You can even bury their pots in your garden, if you prefer the look of them being planted in the ground.

Check for Plant Compatibility 

If you're going to be growing herbs and vegetables in the same area, be sure the plants you put next to each other are good for each other. Some herb and vegetable combinations are beneficial -- resulting in better growth and fewer pest problems, but others can lead to trouble. Use this chart to look up good companions for your herbs.

Get a Jump on the Season

Want to start your seeds in the winter, so you'll have decent-sized plants by the time spring arrives? Give wintersowing a try.

It's a method of outdoor seed-starting that requires no special equipment and very little care, and it'll greatly expand the list of herbs that you're able to grow from seed. Herbs, like Thyme and Marjoram, generally need to be started indoors to do well, but if you wintersow them, you'll find them just as easy to grow as any of the herbs on the easy-grow list.

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