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If you’re looking for free online movies or more specifically free online documentaries, then Top Documentary Films is the place to be with hundreds of free, streaming documentaries you can watch online.

There are many categories of documentaries in high-quality format at Top Documentary Films, and it’s simple to stay up to date with new releases.

Top Documentary Films’ Free Streaming Movies

Top Documentary Films' website is very easy to browse and there are tons of options given on how you can find a documentary that you'll like. This makes it fun and fast to find your next favorite film.

You can find documentaries in all types of categories at Top Documentary Films, making it easy to find a documentary on a particular subject. 

Technology, Science, Conspiracy, Biography, 9/11, Arts and Artists, History, Comedy, Drugs, Economics, Environment, Health, Media, Military and War, Mystery, Nature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sexuality, Sports, and Crime are several of them. Here's the ​full listing of categories along with how many movies fall into each.

You can also see all the documentaries available and sort them by newest, rating, votes, shares, comments, and title.

My favorite way to browse the movies at Top Documentary Films is to visit the Top 100 Documentaries where you can see the 100 highest rated documentaries on the website.

Each movie at Top Documentary Films has a rating and run time along with a full synopsis, further helping you choose the next documentary you'd like to watch. There's even a place where users can give their reviews and further discuss each movie.

If you want to be alerted of the new movies, sign up for emails to get some of the more popular movies listed at Top Documentary Films once or twice a week. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed to stay even more current.

There is no need to register with Top Documentary Films to watch free movies, so you're all ready to go the moment you find one you'd like to watch.

Top Documentary Films’ Video Quality

Video quality at Top Documentary Films is anywhere from 144p all the way up to 720p, and possibly higher.

Where Top Documentary Films Gets Its Movies

No movies are hosted at Top Documentary Films but are instead linked to ones on YouTube and other video streaming websites.

The movies Top Documentary Films link to are in the public domain, and are thus available for free viewing by anyone.

System Requirements for Top Documentary Films

For optimal movie playback, it’s necessary to have Adobe Flash Player installed alongside an Internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera. These can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP, Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, Ubuntu 10+, or Linux OS 11 or newer. It’s also important to have an Internet connection that can download data at or above 1 Mbps.