Twitter Parties: How to Participate and Win Prizes

What Are Twitter Parties, Anyway?

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Have you been invited to a Twitter party and wondered what to expect? Or maybe you've seen a favorite brand advertise one and weren't sure whether you should attend or not? What are Twitter parties, and are they worth your time?

What Twitter Parties Are, and Why You Want to Participate

A Twitter party is a moderated conversation hosted on Twitter. Parties are usually hosted by a company that is trying to attract followers for their products by sharing information that consumers care about. And they often hand out prizes -- sometimes, really great prizes! -- to their participants.

For example, a diaper manufacturer might host a Twitter party that shares tips for new parents, while a travel agency might have a Twitter party that discusses off-the-beaten-path travel destinations. 

Twitter parties generally work like this: the sponsor picks a specific time to start a conversation on Twitter. You can follow along using hashtags as questions are asked and answered and opinions are shared.

A typical Twitter party lasts for an hour, maybe two. Throughout the party, prizes are awarded to people who send relevant Tweets using the designated hashtag in order to encourage people to take part in the discussion.

Why Do Companies Host Twitter Parties?

Twitter parties have many advantages for companies. Some examples include:

  • attracting new followers to their Twitter accounts
  • building buzz for their' products
  • gaining valuable insights about their potential customers
  • creating a connection and building goodwill with their target audience
  • mixing advertisements in with the messages, which eager party followers will read.

Those benefits usually far outweigh the cost of the prizes.

What Do You Need to Do to Join a Twitter Party?

Twitter parties are free and all you need to join is a computer with an internet connection and a free Twitter account.

It's easiest to participate in a Twitter party if you use a Twitter client like TweetDeck. TweetDeck lets you set up a column to display all of the messages that use the party's hashtag separately. This ensures that you don't miss any posts and can respond quickly and appropriately.

Although you might be invited to RSVP to the party ahead of time, registration is generally not required and you can jump in at any time by sending tweets with the designated hashtag. However, RSVPing sometimes gives you the chance to win additional prizes.

Advantages of Twitter Parties for Sweepstakes Fans:

While you generally won't find mega prizes like cars or houses being given away during Twitter parties, the sponsors usually offer prizes that will appeal to their fans. That means if the topic of the party interests you, the chances are that the prizes will as well.

Cash, gift cards, free hotel stays, and must-have products for parents are frequently up for grabs. Many Twitter parties offer LOTS of prizes, and you will oftentimes find just a few other people participating. That means that you have good odds of winning really useful prizes.

And let's face it. Twitter parties are fun!

How Can You Find Twitter Parties to Join?

If you'd like to try your hand at joining, but don't know where to find Twitter parties, here are a few ideas:

How Can You Improve Your Odds of Winning with Twitter Parties?

As with most giveaways, you can boost your odds of winning prizes at Twitter parties by following some simple ips:

Be sure to read up on how the Twitter party works, if possible before the start time. Take note of everything you have to do to be eligible to win, such as following the sponsor's Twitter account or using a specific hashtag.

Be sure to use the EXACT hashtag the sponsor specifies. A typo can cause your entries to be disqualified.

Twitter parties usually last for a specific time period, oftentimes an hour. Try to be there from the beginning to the end, to maximize the number of entries you can make.

Be sure to follow the posts made by the sponsor and the posts made using the Twitter party's hashtag. This helps you make sure you catch every post and every chance to win.

Make sure to follow the sponsor's instructions exactly. If you need to answer questions or make comments to enter, make sure your posts are relevant and useful. Join in with the spirit of the party.