5 Ways to Save Money Everywhere You Go

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Even if you consider yourself a money master who knows how to pinch pennies and save the most money, there are still ways you can save more. Try one or more of these top five tips to save money everywhere you go to keep your dollars at home where they belong.

Clip Coupons

Bargain hunters know how invaluable coupons are for saving big bucks. Are you truly saving the most money, though?

Coupons. Coupons. Coupons. We don't have to wait for the Sunday paper to load up on coupons anymore.

We can get them on our phone, find them online, print them at home and grab them in the store. Companies want our business as much as we want as much money as possible to stay in our pocketbook.

Use your online resources to find the best coupons. And take advantage of social media to monitor the top 10 hashtags that will save you the most money.

Keep your coupons organized to stay on top of savings but also look for coupons through your phone. Check the store's website and you may find coupons the cashier can scan directly from your phone.

Look on Ebay for coupon codes up for auction that can help you save on your in-store and online purchases. Find a great coupon on coupon sites, such as 50% off one item at your favorite store, and print multiple copies to keep in your purse until the coupon expires. You never know when you'll want to pop in for a deal and you don't want to go anywhere without your trusty coupons.

Find Deal Apps

You may be a bargain hunter but can you track everything that's on sale? With deal apps, you can. These handy dandy apps help you track the stores you visit most and the products you buy the most too.

One of the Best Apps for Moms is ShopSavvy, which is a comparison shopping app that tells you exactly how much stores near you are pricing the product you're looking for. It can pinpoint an item by brand or find you the products with the deepest discounts right now.

Use Cash Back Credit Cards

If you're going to use credit cards to make purchases, be sure to get one that offers cash back incentives. Credit card companies offer many incentives to cardholders now and it only takes a few minutes to find all sorts of perks for using your credit card to make your everyday purchases.

For example, some credit cards offer 5% cash back on groceries and gas and/or 1% cash back on all of your purchases. There are bank credit cards that give you both cash back and an additional cash back perk if you have that bonus deposited into that bank's checking account.

Do some digging to find the right cash back program for your family. But only use the credit cards if you're certain you won't blow your budget just because you've got a new credit card.

Pay in Cash

If paying in cash is more your style, don't hit the ATM for piles of money. Set a budget for the week and keep all of your receipts. Cash makes it easy to track your spending because you're more conscious of how much you're going to spend at a store, on food or at the gas station because you have a limited amount of money in your pocket.

Look at your overall budget to project how much you will need for the week and then only take that amount of money with you. You'll make better money decisions and can even put the money you have left for the week in a family vacation fund.

Take Advantage of Free Kids' Meals

You're out and about and the kids start complaining that they're hungry. You still have errands to run so you drop by the nearest fast food restaurant. We all know how expensive eating on the run is. But if you only visit the places that offer free kids' meals, you could save a small fortune.

Take the time to see which restaurants have free meal deals for children, what their age limits are and special rules that apply, such as only being offered between certain hours or on certain days.