Wendy Lyons Sunshine


Award-winning energy industry journalist who has written about energy for more than 20 yearsSenior editor of "Energy Abstracts" and "Environment Information Abstracts"


Wendy Lyons Sunshine is a former writer for The Balance Everyday, where she wrote on the topic of energy policy, production, efficiency, and resources for almost two years.

As senior editor of "Energy Abstracts" and "Environment Information Abstracts," Sunshine mined research journals for the latest findings on diverse technologies and fuels. More recently, she has written for print publications and websites about energy and business for "American Way," "Worth," OnEarth, "D CEO" "Fort Worth Weekly" and "Fort Worth Business Press." Sunshine has edited engineering reports for a Dallas power company and helped research and draft a textbook on environmental impact assessment.

Sunshine is a member of the National Association of Science Writers, the Society of Environmental Journalists, and the IEEE Professional Communication Society.

She received first place for Outstanding Reporting on the Environment, Small Market, from the Society of Environmental Journalists.

She earned her B.A. with honors in English at Rutgers University and an M.A. in Professional and Technical Communication at the University of North Texas.