Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Wendy Lyons Sunshine is an award-winning journalist and author who has written about energy for a variety of publications.


As senior editor of Energy Abstracts and Environment Information Abstracts, Wendy mined research journals for the latest findings on diverse technologies and fuels. More recently, she has written about energy and business for American Way, Worth, OnEarth, D CEO, Fort Worth Weekly and Fort Worth Business Press. Wendy has edited engineering reports for a Dallas power company and helped research and draft a textbook on environmental impact assessment.


Wendy has taught writing at the University of North Texas, Texas Tech, and Rutgers University, and served as a judge for the American Society of Journalists & Authors book awards. She earned her B.A. with honors at Rutgers University and is completing an M.A. at the University of North Texas. Wendy is a member of the National Association of Science Writers, the Society of Environmental Journalists, and the IEEE Professional Communication Society.

Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Energy choices influence our quality of life and the global economy. Every fuel – whether a fossil fuel like coal or renewable option such as wind -- offers its own unique opportunities and challenges. I am delighted to lead About.com’s discussion of energy-related topics, and look forward to exploring the world of energy generation, storage, integration, reliability, transmission, conservation, and related issues with you. (My last name -- a power source -- is just a lucky coincidence!)