The 2015 HGTV Dream Home's Location

The 2015 Dream Home's Owner Rubs Elbows with the Rich and Famous!

Image of a Harbor in Martha's Vineyard
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Every year, HGTV builds and gives away an amazing house as part of its Dream Home special. It's a way for HGTV to show off its homebuilding expertise while giving viewers the chance to win a spectacular home in a gorgeous location. Each year, they pick a different spot, but each location adds value to an already stunning building. The 2015 Dream Home was no exception.

The Dream Home 2015 Is Located in Beautiful, Exclusive Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Named one of America's Best Islands by publications like Travel Channel and Jetsetter, Martha's Vineyard is a summer playground for wealthy Americans including the Kennedys, the Obamas, and the Clintons. Since no bridge or tunnel connects it to the mainland, it's accessible only by boat and plane.

The Vineyard is located a mere seven miles off the coast of Cape Cod, which gives it an exclusive feel while remaining close to civilization. The island is dotted with beautiful beaches, scenic lighthouses, and stately homes, making it perfect for anyone who loves being on the water. Plus, the weather is usually fantastic, with summer weather that is warm but rarely stifling hot.

And the food! If you love lobster, fresh corn, farm-grown vegetables, and more, this is the spot for you.

Why the HGTV Dream Home's Build Team Chose Martha's Vineyard

With so many stunning locations across America, why did HGTV choose to base the 2015 Dream Home in Martha's Vineyard?

HGTV often selects locations on the water for their Dream Homes, including the 2008 Dream Home location of Islamorada, Florida and the 2017 Dream Home in St. Simons Island, Georgia. However, 2015 was the first time that the home was built on a New England beach.

It seems that HGTV was inspired by the luxury and the quaint atmosphere of this island locale.

HGTV's designer Jack Thomasson wrote: “This year’s HGTV Dream Home is located in one of the world’s most exclusive dream destinations. We’ve worked with our partners on this home to recognize the architecture and history of Martha’s Vineyard while building a spectacular HGTV Dream Home that is all about modern living.”

The 2015 Dream Home was built in a traditional style for the island. The three bedroom, three and a half bedroom Cape Cod home was planned by HGTV's Jack Thomasson but it was designed and built by local by local talent: architect Patrick Ahearn and contractor Tim McHugh.

The home was stocked with plenty of Martha's Vineyard special touches including decorations by local artisans and Bad Martha’s  beer, brewed on the island.

Want to know more about what there is to see and do on the Vineyard? Check out Conde Nast Traveler's article, The Perfect Weekend on Martha's Vineyard.

The 2015 Dream Home Winner had the choice of joining the small, year-round population on the island, visiting in the summers, or either selling the house or taking a cash option. As it turns out, Kathy O'Dell of Huntsville, Alabama chose to accept the cash option, so she missed out on the artwork and beer, but ended up with a prize worth about $1,752,680 in total.

A Washington couple, Rosemary O’Brien and Eigil D. Rothe, bought the home in July of 2015 for more than $2.3 million.