Who Won the PCH February 28th 2013 SuperPrize Sweepstakes?

A Retiree and Mother of a Disabled Son Wins a Million-Dollar Prize

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On February 28, 2013, the PCH Prize Patrol surprised another lucky winner with an oversized check. This was a Special Early Look Prize Event, which means that if the randomly drawn winning number had matched one of the Prize Numbers of the people who entered during that time frame, he or she would have received a 5,000 a Week Forever prize.

This drawing didn't see a lucky match, so PCH did a second-chance drawing for a life-changing prize of one million dollars.

So who was the lucky winner of SuperPrize Drawing #1830?

LaPlace Resident Elise Gutierrez Wins the February 2013 PCH SuperPrize Drawing

The Prize Patrol headed down to LaPlace, Louisiana to surprise the winner, Elise Gutierrez. When Elise Gutierrez answered the door and saw the Prize Patrol there, she covered her mouth and bent over with shock. She was carrying a plastic grocery bag, which she waved wordlessly when she realized it was still in her hand as she was being filmed.

PCH Prize Patrol member Dave Sawyer asked her; "Have you been shopping?" Elise answered, "Yes, I have." "Well, would you like to do some more shopping?" he asked, holding the check. "Yes! Yes, I would!" gasped Elise. She said she had been entering Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes every day for years. "I never thought it would happen!" she said.

If you'd like to see the touching winning moment for yourself, you can watch the February 2013 PCH Winner Announcement on YouTube.

Elise said that she and her husband had just moved back into their house, which had been flooded by Hurricane Isaac. The devastation caused by the flooding meant that the Gutierrez's had been unable to return to their home for six months.

The couple also has a son who never fully recovered from a brain tumor, and needs care for the rest of his life.

That million-dollar prize will surely come in handy! After 30 years of entering PCH drawings, Elise's persistence finally paid off.

How You Can Be One of PCH's Lucky Winners:

Real people really do win PCH's sweepstakes. You need an awful lot of luck to win one of the SuperPrize drawings, but it is possible. I've interviewed another big PCH winner, Natalie Bostelman. Read her story for inspiration!

If you'd like to try your hand at winning, enter the latest PCH SuperPrize drawing. While your odds of winning are long, they're infinitely more than if you don't enter at all.

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